GMail vs Microsoft Exchange

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. Users may access Gmail as secure webmail, as well via POP3 or IMAP protocols. Gmail's spam filtering features a community-driven system: when any user marks an email as spam, this provides information to help the system identify similar future messages for all Gmail users. Google also provides GMail alternative for business - G Suite Mail.
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Exchange Server is the server side of a client–server, collaborative application product developed by Microsoft. Exchange's major features consist of electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks; support for mobile and web-based access to information; and support for data storage. Microsoft Exchange free open-source alternatives are Open-Xchange, Zimbra, SOGo, Zarafa.
Comparing GMail vs Microsoft Exchange is like comparing apples to oranges. Because your business is unique and nobody except you can decide, which is better for your company. But we can add some fun to your research and suggest some new comparison parameters.

Let's start with videos. We think that GMail has better video than Microsoft Exchange

Ok, now let's compare the UI. Looks like Microsoft Exchange has more user-friendly interface than GMail because it's bigger. At least on our screenshots

To compare the popularity of the solutions we counted how many alternatives people search for each of them on the Internet. And it turns out that GMail is more popular than Microsoft Exchange

Now let's look at the recent activities of our competitors:

- Gmail adds support for third-party add-ons (in 2017)
- Gmail starts converting addresses and contact info into links (in 2017)
- Gmail gets Smart Reply feature (in 2017)
- Gmail adds add-on support (in 2017)
- Exchange Tasks now available on Gmail app (in 2017)
- Gmail for iOS Gets Undo Send button (in 2016)
- New GMail for Android supports third-party email providers (in 2014)
- Google unveiled its Email 2.0 service (in 2014)
- Google+ users now can send messages to your GMail inbox (in 2014)
- GMail,, Yahoo Mail and Zoho Mail: small business email news (in 2013)

Looks like GMail was recently more active than Microsoft Exchange (at least in our news).