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Box offers free cloud storage and file sharing services that enables you to securely share and access files online. Companies rely on Box because it's secure, works on any device and scales to meet the needs of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Box free alternatives are: Google Drive, OneDrive.

Here are the latest news about Box:

12.10.17 Box applies AI to content management

Box has just unveiled Skills and the related SDK, Skills Kit. With these new offerings, organizations and developers now have the ability to pull insights from their massive content stores in Box data sets and apply machine learning to release the intrinsic commercial value in that content. Box is previewing three initial Box Skills, using machine learning tools from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to solve common business use cases: Those use cases include: Image recognition (detecting individual objects and concepts in image files, capturing text through optical character recognition (OCR), and automatically adding keyword labels to images to easily build metadata on image catalogs), Audio Transcription & Analysis (uses audio files to create and index a text transcript that can be easily searched and manipulated in a variety of use cases), Video Indexing (analyzes video files to provide text transcription, topic detection and indexing, and facial recognition).

2017 Box introduced Box Elements - pre-packaged content services for developers

Box introduced a new developer tool Box Elements, pre-packaged application pieces designed to deliver Box functionality with a few lines of code. Eventually there will be three types of Elements: UI, app and services. Today, the company is launching the UI pieces, which include Content Uploader, which lets developers add drag and drop file capability into any application; Content Explorer, which lets developers insert Box file navigation in any application; Content Preview, which lets developers display any of 120 different file types inside an application including interactive video; and Content Picker, which enables developers to insert file picking capability inside an application. While none of these sound like earth-shattering capabilities, each one would require a fair amount of development time to build from scratch. What Box is offering here is the ability to implement them quickly with little or no content expertise required.

2017 Box introduced desktop app Box Drive

Box unveiled Box Drive, a desktop application that works on Windows and MacOS. Users will be able to credit, edit, find and share files without pulling up a web browser. The desktop app makes it easier to access the cloud because it creates just another drive on your computer like your C drive, so inherently you’re interacting with your local file experience. The app itself is free, but large enterprises like General Electric, P&G and The Gap pay Box for added functionality. Existing customers will have access to the full range of Box Drive capabilities. Earlier this month, Box announced integration with Apple’s new Files app. It will be another way to access Box documents across iOS devices.

2016 Box Zones will let you choose storage from IBM and AWS

Enterprise file collaboration service Box announced Box Zones - a product that lets customers choose a storage component from another vendor, enabling customers to store files in-country when their privacy laws require it. Initially it will work on Amazon Web Services in Ireland, Germany, Japan and Singapore, but the plan is to expand that over time adding new zones using IBM data centers later this year. Eventually Box hopes to make it flexible enough to add any approved storage you like. The product will allow customers in Asia, the Middle East and Europe with legal and regulatory requirements to store their content in-country using third-party storage, and still use the Box service and everything else it brings to the table.

2014 Box introduced new mobile web interface

Cloud file collaboration service Box announced the newly updated mobile web site ( and accessibility site ( Now Box mobile web users will enjoy the same intuitive navigation and visually appealing interface that Box native mobile apps offer – without having to install a mobile app. In addition to refreshing the layout and visual design, Box added a set of new features, including high-fidelity HTML5 document previewing, improved collaboration, which now includes inviting and managing collaborators, fine-grained file sharing controls for setting and modifying shared links, support for Box Notes, optimized performance so the site loads faster, especially over cellular networks. The new file preview experience makes sharing your content easy, even on the go. Now when you send a shared link to someone outside of your organization, they can preview and comment on your Box content right from their mobile web browser.

2014 Box unveiled world's first industry specific file storage

2014 Box Notes is available on Android

2014 Box gives businesses unlimited storage, adds Office 365 integration

2014 Microsoft is already afraid of Box

2013 Box provides 10 Gb for free and new cheap version for small business

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2013 Box makes friends with Big Guys. Gives 50 Gb for free and forever

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