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Google Compute Engine
Run your large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google's infrastructure. Use world class data centers that provide unparalleled performance for your computing needs. Easily scale to tens of thousands of cores on infrastructure designed for large-scale computing.

Here are the latest news about Google Compute Engine:

27.09.17 Following AWS, Google Compute Engine also moves to per-second billing

A week ago Amazon Web Services added per-second billing for users of its EC2 service. And Google today announced a very similar move. Google Compute Engine, Container Engine, Cloud Dataproc, and App Engine’s flexible environment virtual machines (VMs) will now feature per-second billing. This new pricing scheme extends to preemptible machines and VMs that run premium operating systems, including Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Enterprise Linux Server. With that, it one-ups AWS, which only offers per-second billing for basic Linux instances and not for Windows Server and other Linux distributions on its platform that currently feature a separate hourly charge. Like AWS, Google will charge for a minimum of one minute.

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