LinkedIn alternatives

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. 250 million+ members. Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities.
LinkedIn alternatives are:
Xing, CareerBuilder, DICE, Glassdoor

Here are the latest news about LinkedIn:

24.10.17 LinkedIn makes its messenger smarter

LinkedIn is unveiling a new smart reply feature in its messaging app, which gives users prompts with different phrases to use while they are chatting to keep the conversation flowing. The feature is launching in English first in LinkedIn’s mobile app and on desktop. LinkedIn says that it plans to roll it out to more languages sometime in the future. And users can opt out of the smart reply feature in their settings. LinkedIn has been trying suggested replies since January, but the key difference in today’s news is that the company is now using more AI tools like machine learning and more sophisticated natural language processing to be able to understand the gist of a conversation and how to help keep it going. The conclusion is that LinkedIn is now more collaborative if compared vs alternatives

2017 LinkedIn launched own advertising network

LinkedIn launched a new service LinkedIn Audience Network: a way for advertisers to buy inventory on a network of mobile sites and apps beyond LinkedIn itself, but still using LinkedIn’s demographic data, to broadcast their Sponsored Content — LinkedIn’s term for updates posted by companies that can be reports or other links, which the companies pay to promote. Initially, the LinkedIn Audience Network will cover tens of thousands of sites and apps globally, as well as ad exchanges like MoPub, Sharethrough, Google Ad Exchange and Rubicon and Microsoft-owned services like and The audience network is rolling out globally to all English-speaking countries first. For sure, LinkedIn has much more ad target parameters than alternatives

2017 New LinkedIn tool tells businesses about who’s visiting their websites

LinkedIn, the professional social network, is giving businesses a new way to see what kinds of audiences they’re attracting with their marketing efforts. The Website Demographics tool allows businesses to break down their website visitors across eight categories including job title, industry, company and location. After all, that’s the kind of data that we’re all providing as LinkedIn users. To connect that data to website visits, the company is using the same conversation tracking technology that powers its Matched Audiences ad targeting.

2017 Microsoft integrated LinkedIn with Dynamics 365

Microsoft announced some significant integrations between the professional social network LinkedIn (that it bought last year) and Microsoft Dynamics 365, the company’s CRM and ERP suite. First of all, the company is linking Dynamics 365 and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool to give sales people access to its database of 500 million users. Microsoft is also announcing a tool for HR pros called Dynamics 365 for Talent, which gives Dynamics 365 ERP users, the ability to search for new talent directly from LinkedIn’s Recruiter and Learning solutions, and manage employees from recruitment throughout their time with company.

2017 LinkedIn gets closer to CRM

LinkedIn, the social network for the working world that is now owned by Microsoft, is adding a new “enterprise” tier to its Sales Navigator product — a subscription-only service that lets salespeople tap LinkedIn for customer leads for so-called “social selling” — opening up the product for much larger groups of users. On top of this, it’s also integrating PointDrive (a tool it acquired last year to help salespeople share documents and presentations with clients); and adding CRM sync functionality to write back to whichever CRM database your company uses whatever selling you have done in LinkedIn.

2017 LinkedIn launched new desktop version with chatbots

2016 LinkedIn now allows to figure out the salary you deserve

2016 Salesforce wants to block Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn

2016 LinkedIn unveiled e-Learning service

2016 Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2B

2014 LinkedIn rolls out new Homepage with analytics and news front and center

2014 LinkedIn premium profiles will look like Facebook

2014 LinkedIn now shows your rank in your network

2014 Evernote and LinkedIn integrate business cards into social network

2014 Somewhere - Pinterest for business -will definitely win over LinkedIn

2013 LinkedIn wants to become contact manager in every Email client

2013 LinkedIn launches Sponsored posts

2013 New LinkedIn features: Bill Gates, contact manager, sms-authorization and more

2013 LinkedIn acquired Pulse. Wants to become the primary source of business news

2012 LinkedIn wants to become Facebook for Business

2012 LinkedIn compared office of the past, present and future

2012 What if LinkedIn was invented in the 80s?

2012 What is the professional social network #2 after LinkedIn?

2011 LinkedIn is trying to take business-sites away from Facebook