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Cloud-based email service that ties into SkyDrive, so you have 7GB of free space, and it can open attachments right inside new Web apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Its built-in Outlook chat connects to Facebook messages. Outlook’s address book connects to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn and other services, so contact info will update automatically when friends change their profiles. Microsoft also provides Outlook.com alternative for business - Office 365 Mail
Outlook.com alternatives are:
GMail, Office 365

Here are the latest news about Outlook.com:

01.11.17 Outlook.com gets LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn integration within Outlook.com is now going live, allowing email users to view insights, profile pictures, work history and more from within their inbox. This would not be the first time that LinkedIn data found its way into email. Before being bought by Microsoft, LinkedIn itself acquired a smaller company called Rapportive which made a then popular Gmail add-in that integrated social profile data into Gmail’s web app. It later revamped the app to focus more heavily on the LinkedIn integration, and less on connections to other services like Facebook and Twitter. With the new Outlook integration, customers can click on an email contact’s name right in their inbox then view a rich contact card that includes a link to their LinkedIn profile.

2017 Microsoft launched faster and smarter Outlook.com

Microsoft launched a new Outlook.com with better and faster search interface, along with other frills. One of those frills is a conversation-style inbox. The new layout makes it easier to keep track of a longer string of messages and everything that was sent previously. This is a much-needed change for Outlook, which has garnered a reputation for being a stodgy, older email service compared to alternatives. Another addition is Quick Suggestions. This brings up nearby locations of restaurants or bars you type out in your email. So, if you're sending a message to a friend to get drinks after work, the nearest location of that chain will pop up in the email. And Microsoft also wants you to feel like you've got a personalized email account. Users can now mark contacts and folders as favorites to make them easier to find in a search.

2015 Microsoft unveiled big update to Outlook.com

Microsoft previewed several major changes to its email client Outlook.com, including a redesigned inbox, new support for Skype and third-party apps and new calendar features. The revamped Outlook.com will be available over the next few weeks.  Outlook.com inboxes will now support Microsoft's Clutter tool, that is a lot like Gmail's priority inbox feature in that it automatically sorts messages based on what it predicts will be most important to you. Messages identified as unimportant are automatically sent to a separate folder that doesn't appear in the main inbox. Microsoft is also launching its new "add-ins" feature, which allows third-party apps to run within Outlook. The feature, first previewed during the company's Build developer conference last month, works with Uber and email scheduling service Boomerang and PayPal right now.

2014 Outlook.com ads smart filters like in GMail. Zoho Mail increases free limit to 10 users

Leading small business email services continue to delight us with new features and free options. Today Microsoft has released a major update to Outlook.com. The main new feature is smart filters that can automatically sort new emails or perform operations with them depending on different parameters. It allows even to build filters that you can't set in GMail. For example, you can set a rule that if the message is not read within 3 days, it's automatically moved to some folder. Besides you can now reply in-line to emails, remove the need to shunt to a new view to do so. Meanwhile the main Outlook.com and GMail competitor - Zoho Mail increased its free limit to 10 users. You may say that GMail and Outlook - are completely free. But it's not exactly true. Personal versions - are really free. But the business versions, which provide similar features with Zoho Mail (like own domain, admin panel) and are included in Google Apps and Office 365 respectively - cost from $5/month per user.

2013 GMail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail and Zoho Mail: small business email news

Over the past few days the number of interesting news came from the most popular email services for small business - GMail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail and Zoho Mail. First of all, last week Yahoo Mail together with website-hosting Yahoo Small Business was down for several days, and of course left a lot of small business customers mad as hornets. Now many of them are going to move to another service. And Microsoft (shortly before this event) decided to entice users from GMail and Yahoo. But, unfortunately , they began with GMail and now can't fully seize the moment. However, their new tool for importing emails and contacts from GMail to Outlook.com is already working.

Google meanwhile continues to add new features to its GMail. In particular now you can download all your emails archive from Google's server to your computer. Of course it will make security-lovers happy. Besides, GMail now can safely display images in the messages. Previously, you had to click the link to view images in each message, because they were loaded from remote servers and could violate your privacy. Now GMail copies all images to its own servers and displays them by default.

Zoho also made the big step forward in terms of security - added SMS-authorization. Zoho services (Email, Calendar, Docs and other apps) are perhaps better then the similar products from Microsoft and Google in terms of functionality, but Zoho lacks the reputation of the super-reliable provider as these two giants. Therefore, this two-factor authentication can greatly improve the confidence of business users to Zoho.

2013 Outlook.com users will be able to chat with their Google contacts

2013 Skype comes to Outlook.com

2013 Outlook.com adds two-factor authentication, new Android app

2013 Microsoft trolls Google with funny videos again

2012 Microsoft rolls out Outlook.com to replace Hotmail

2012 Windows Live Hotmail provides the best spam protection