Top 10 Sandbox services

iVocalize enables interactive web conference meetings for today's distributed workforce, online seminars, e-learning classrooms and presentations to an audience spanning the globe. Features include synchronized web browsing, integrated whiteboard and presentation recording. From $20/month (5 users) to $1200/month (1000 users)
Spreed is a service that allows you to perform remote presentations and organize distance seminars and conferences. You can access it both from PC and Mac and it is free to use up to three participants. Spreed integrates whiteboard, chat, video conferencing, screen sharing and file transfer.
MegaMeeting, a browser-based video conferencing software. MegaMeeting requires no downloading: all you need is an internet browser, a broadband internet connection and a web camera or digital video camera. Up to 16 individuals can be seen at the same time, and an unlimited number of additional secure Video Conferencing attendees can see those 16.
Elluminate vRoom is the scaled down version of a popular cross platform live web conferencing tool that provides e-learning solutions for the real-time organization. Elluminate vRoom integrates VoIP, easy-to-use moderator tools and provides support for collaborative web touring.
PleaseReview is a browser-based collaborative review and authoring solution. Every contributor can comment on the same document (both in real-time or asynchronous mode). The service includes deadlines management, email invitations and reminders. It is also possible to review the documents offline. PleaseReview supports MS Word, MS PowerPoint and allows the inclusion of images. PleaseReview costs $55 per month and $270 per year. Free 30-days trial available.
Seamlessly connect to your files stored at home, the office, or on the cloud no matter where you are. Only the people you choose to share with will ever see or access your files. And since your stuff doesn’t stay on Facebook, you’re always in control.
ProfCast is a versatile, powerful, yet very simple to use tool for recording lectures including PowerPoint and/or Keynote slides for creating enhanced podcasts. ProfCast provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations as podcasts.
Want instant, secure access to your files, programs, and email from anywhere? Connect quickly and easily, whether you're at work, home, or on the road. Manage and support unattended PCs and POS devices faster and easier.
Gatherplace is a cost-effective and simple-to-use screen sharing and remote-control solution that can be used to show your screen to attendees operating on any operating system and without requiring no software downloads. Gatherplace unique features also include full screen display for attendees, manual image-quality control, warning to the presenter when attendees have a lower screen monitor resolution than the presenter, usage reports, web site integration, multi-monitor support and more. See all features here. Price for gatherplace is $29/month for 5 users or $49 for 25 users.
Unlike normal wikis, which suffer from user apathy and confusion, OpenTeams is intuitive for non-techies to learn and use. Its simple email-like interface makes it easy to create, organize, and navigate content while transparently tracking changes. This dramatically shrinks the learning curve and ensures adoption while ramping up productivity, payback, and employee engagement.
VCASMO is a multimedia presentation solution for personal photo-video slide show, business presentation, training, academic teaching, sales pitching, seminar, conference, press release meeting, live event. The easiest and powerful presentation platform just works. Publish video+slides presentation, support playback in browser, mobile, and iPad
Draw Anywhere, Anything, Any time - complete web-based diagramming solutions. Create and share flowcharts, block diagrams, and more.
ProjectForum is professional wiki collaboration server software that is powerful, affordable and easy-to-use.
Protonotes are notes that you add to your prototype that allow project team members to discuss system functionality , design, and requirements directly on the prototype. You can think of it like a discussion board/wiki in direct context of your prototype.
Uhuroo provides a refreshing simple approach to improve information sharing between people working together on any Group Initiative. Uhuroo encourages users to continue using their standard communication tools (like email,IM, etc) and still ensures capture of knowledge. It also allows this knowledge to be easily referenced in the future.
Assign tasks and keep track of the progress, report hours spent. Create teams to control what is visible to whom. Share documentation. Forward customers' e-mails to Flempo and have seamless control over who are they assigned to and how they are being processed.
Simple Sales Tracking is a web-based service for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales collaboratively.
Vertabase 4 is on-demand, web-based project management software that offers increased clarity, control and visibility on projects. It is built so that every level of user can benefit from the software.You get great features and powerful reports in an easy-to-use tool. You get top-rated project management software with unlimited projects and a team of professionals dedicated to making your implemenation a success. Our unique philosophy is based on years of experience in offering the best approach to project management.
TaskAnyone is a web-based task and project management service which allows you to keep track of your daily to-dos plus send tasks to anyone with an email address. Tell your colleague, supplier or spouse what to do and all details, deadlines and updates will be logged until it's completed.
BUGtrack is a comprehensive web-based project management and issue tracking system that helps to improve overall project organization, decrease bug resolution time, promote cross-functional cooperation, as well as plan and assess team performance at all levels.
A group task management tool for getting things done and sharing tasks. An online to do list for effective group and team management.
Create projects and tasks. Assign tasks to project members. Track time Manage expenses and time off. Track issues. View your daily activities in the calendar module
RivalMap is web-based collaboration software that gives companies a central place to share and address information about competitors and their industry. If your company spends any time watching competitors and their activities, RivalMap will make the management and communication of competitive information much easier and more effective.
Project Insight is the leading web-based project management software solution in the mid-market. Many high end project management systems are either too expensive or too complicated for the basic project team member. Many low end project management software products lack functionality for the more experienced project manager. Project Insight project management software bridges savvy project managers, who require robust project management features, with team members that want project management software that’s easy to use.
Simple, Elegant, Organised (and Painless). Organising your employees working schedules shouldn't be a burden. That's why we've created Rotaboard - our FREE online rota management service.
TextFlow Redliner is a cloud based document comparison and redlining tool making it easier to share, delegate and collaborate. TextFlow Redliner is the only redlining tool that can present a document's complete step by step history. Our unique solution offers legal professionals better overview and improved control when working with documents.
Web based project management software tool for managing and tracking projects and tasks.
Office Timesheets is a web-based commercial employee time tracking and management timesheets software application designed for the specialized needs of project-driven organizations to track time and expenses for accurate accounting and job/project costing purposes, and real-time reporting and billing.
CreativePro Office is the most complete set of online office management tools you're likely to find at any price - and it's completely free! Manage your team, clients, projects, invoices, events and quotes (coming soon) from one web-based application. CreativePro Office is well suited for both independent professionals and small teams of graphic designers, programmers and web developers.
Free CRM from CRM ASP is a hosted software solution for customer relationship management and sales force automation. Free CRM is great for contact and lead tracking, sales and contact management, sales pipeline management and forecasting. Free CRM is easy with our powerful software features that you can use right now. Our free CRM software and sales team automation tools speed customer service with real-world features that make your jobs easier. With integrated email campaigns, call automation and tracking and group calendaring, our free CRM is smart groupware.
31™ surpasses the functionality of other hosted CRM providers with dialers and telephony tools for lead response management and demand generation.
Business applications need to be simple, easy to use and in-tune with the user. bConnections offers you exactly that. CRM is the first module of a suite of applications that are targeted towards small & mid size companies.
33 is a high powered, robust hosted Web Based SFA & CRM contact management system that is designed and priced to fit the needs of any size company
Relationals is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) solution for the media industry. It's loved by sales reps for its ease and speed of use.
The updated sales presentation. The latest collateral. The sales proposal a prospect needs right now. It’s right there for marketing, sales, support, business partners, and customers – down the road or around the globe. ShareMethods provides centralized and secure document creation and sharing 24 x 7. ShareMethods’ on-demand solutions save plenty of time, money and frustration while boosting revenue and profit.
Organize daily and weekly planning online. Access PlanPlus Online easily from any Web browser. Integrate and manage clients with the daily planning system. Share and collaborate critical data with remote team members
Key Features Include: Email tracking and ticketing, rule-based email routing, unlimited users, unlimited folders (queues), reads directly from POP or IMAP, auto-responders, customized standard reply library, high-volume email administration, detailed reporting, virus protection, spam protection, multiple user-access, secure SSL login, and HIPAA compliant.
Ennect Mail is web-based email marketing software that empowers you to send visually rich emails and analyze results.
Bug and issue tracking for ninjas. Bugja will let you focus on the problems, and leave typework behind.
40 delivers reliable, scalable and customizable on demand File Sharing and Collaboration platform and services for Individuals and Businesses to store and retrieve any type of data anytime anywhere on the web.
TrueShare is a powerful but simple online file system designed to save you time, money, and frustration. Because TrueShare is a web-based solution you can access, store, communicate, and manage your files and documents from anywhere, with anyone, at any time.
DivShare is a tool on the web for storing, managing and sharing all your media and documents. You can create professional Flash video, audio, slideshows and document viewers with a single click.
Share Your Screen: Select desktop area and it will be uploaded to the Internet. You will receive link to the image and code to use for publishing image on your blog, forum or web-site. Share Files & Folders
Sosius is a leading online collaboration and team workspace platform for SMEs and large enterprises. We are passionate about improving individual performance and recognition, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction and in turn increasing the value of your organisation in a secure environment.
45 lets you easily give, collect and store detailed notes on documents and web pages. Share notes and documents online, annotate PDF, MS Word, Excel Powerpoint and Web pages
ILoveIM Web Messenger service lets you stay connected with MSN, Yahoo, AOL (AIM) and Gtalk messengers. There is no need to download and install anything into your computer to use our web messenger. All you need is a web browser with Internet connection!
Manage all your existing IM and social network accounts with only one easy-to-use application. With goober, you always get the best quality for VoIP and video calls.
PipeBytes in a web-based tool that anyone can use to share files, with no size limitation. If you want to send a file, just click the "Send" button, browse for you file, and click "Upload". You will be provided with a pick-up code, or simply with a pick-up URL, that will connect your and your friend's computer to send the file directly, with no uploading process. Free to use, no registration needed.
PlanHQ is a web based business plan tool that turns your static document and spreadsheet into a dynamic and up-to-date overview of where you’re going and how you’re tracking.
With Planzone, plan your projects in a single and unique workspace, manage tasks, communicate and collaborate with colleagues and partners, share project templates
Upload your document and invite your friends to view it with you. It works with most major file types including PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, and text files, and displays them in a simple Flash-based viewer and editor.
Traction TeamPage adds security, threaded discussion, moderation, document management, and more to award-winning social software and search that works like the Web. Whether you're one team or want to connect hundreds of customer, supplier, partner, and internal groups, Traction TeamPage is your best choice for Enterprise 2.0.
Cross platform messaging client for Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson mobile devices. Mundu IM works with MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber.
PlanningForce is a rich application which offers, through a simple and logical methodology, the most advanced features in the field of program management, project planning and resource scheduling. In a first stage, PlanningForce focuses on planning simulations, decision makings and progress monitoring. PlanningForce agile methodology can help you deciding and keeping control over objectives in a complex and changing environment. Due to its totally original graphical user interfaces and workflows and its automatic scheduling engine, the planning process has never been so intuitive and interactive.
PointLoyalty Manager is free of charge system intended to support calculations of loyalty programs bonuses. The software serves for bonuses calculation of any type of business clients, from traditional type shops to social networks support sites. If you have clients - we can calculate them bonuses. PointLoyalty system lets you organize customer rewards programs based on bonus points and manage them online. 
Gamified project management tool. Visibility into employee skill sets, customizable rewards; and badges.
ReadyRatios is SaaS service intended to carry out an intellectual analysis of a company’s financial position based on data from its financial statements. The main feature of the system is that individuals should not take part in the analysis. All that has to be done is to enter the data of financial reports (prepared according to the IFRS or US GAAP) and to receive the results of the analysis, which does not differ from the analysis made by a professional analyst
Enterprise file sharing and business-to-business collaboration "Made in Europe". Fabasoft Cloud is the optimal online tool for efficient data management on all devices. Whether at home on your PC or on the move with your smartphone. Fabasoft Cloud has established itself as the best solution for your mobile, secure data exchange. Agile data management and secure online collaboration are hereby guaranteed.
Persony (pronounced: per-so-nee) is a Flash-based web conferencing tool that allows you to screen share, deliver PowerPoint presentations, work on a shared whiteboard and communicate via VoIP (one-to-many) in a very cost-effective integrated solution.
FlashMeeting is an application based on the Adobe Flash 'plug in' and Flash Media Server. Running in a standard web browser window, it allows a group of people to meet from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Meetings are pre-booked by a registered user and a URL, containing a unique password for the meeting. Users are provided with video and audio conferencing, along with the ability to perform web tours.
61 creates stunning multimedia presentations - automatically. Our online system combines YOUR words and media, with OUR professional designs to produce multimedia presentations.
Create or edit Office documents with a full-featured word processor & spreadsheet program. Protect your documents by choosing who can open, edit, save, save as copy/paste, print. Send your documents as email attachment to work offline or share them online with your collaborators. Be alerted in real-time when collaborators open your documents and start a conference chat in FlySuite
Features free personal accounts or paid enterprise class services for sharing Excel spreadsheets over the web.
Create your own structure for each project .Add text, lists, discussions, files and more. Invite others as members or observers. Track changes with RSS. Free for small projects
CRMdesk is a web-based help desk software that allows customer support automation through Internet; you will be able to respond to your customer's requests more effectively and will have better success in attracting new customers.
A customer relationship management (CRM) application should make your life simpler not more complicated. Heap is designed to be simple. It has simple functions like messaging, calendars and contacts; but it ties them all together so you can see the relationships between these items. You can easily run reports on this data, or if you wish, export the data. Heap does what you need then gets the heck out of your way.
Unlike most online to-do lists, voo2do tracks priority, due date, and time estimates for each task. There is no notion of "lists" in voo2do— tasks can be grouped by project, but you can view and edit a bunch of projects together. Voo2do supports some basic sharing of tasks.
SimpleTicket, the first Ruby on Rails based trouble ticket system released as an open source project. Built as an alternative to expensive and complicated ticking systems like Remedy and Heat, SimpleTicket is perfect for Internal IT Support Teams (up-to 10,000 end users) and Small IT Support Companies
Soashable is a family of Open Source projects related to XMPP on the web. The flagship project is a web-based IM client similar to (but not affiliated with) Meebo. The Soashable application is a test-bed and driver of new technology related to XMPP and Maven. It is meant to serve as a base for anyone who wants to build their own IM application, but the real interest of people seems, still, to be the online demo.
The wikiCalc program lets you make web pages with more than just paragraphs of prose. It combines the ease of authoring and multi-person editing of a wiki with the familiar visual formatting and calculating metaphor of a spreadsheet. Written in Perl and released under the GPL 2.0 license, it can easily be setup to run on almost any server as a web application or on a personal computer to publish by FTP.
Free screen broadcasting software. Provides optional audio streaming
42tasks is a multi platform task management and collaboration tool. Get your task management app for Web, iPhone, Android, Ubuntu, Mac or Windows
The e-Boardroom meeting suite gives you the power to hold worldwide meetings, on demand. Your meeting suite is available to you 24 hours a day without reservations or per use fees. Connect up to six users anywhere in the world with real time webcam video feeds. The e-Boardroom system runs on virtually any operating system and any browser without the need for special hardware or software.
SmileTiger Software Corporation develops industry-leading web conferencing, video conferencing, and virtual classroom software. SmileTiger integrates application sharing, PowerPoint presentation a whiteboard and audio/video conferencing. You can also record and playback conference sessions.
* Your presentations can be private or public. And each one has its own web address.* Download your presentations and show them even without an Internet connection.* There is no limit in the number or length of the presentations and you have 250MB to store your images.* The presentations are web pages (HTML) so you could even edit them manually (if you want it)..
A web spreadsheet based on rock-solid spreadsheet technology "the ExtenXLS spreadsheet engine from Extentech. Has the normal online spreadsheet features such as collaboration, but also offers blog embedding options.
An open source project that is part of the Simple Groupware Solutions project. Free to use and 100% web based.
Simple web-based software to organize your committee. Group messaging, calendar, file sharing, RSVP system, and more